Logos Bible Software … I like it!

Acts 238 [widescreen]

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended Logos Bible Software and mentioned that BibleWorks is no longer in operation. Although BibleWorks will continue to be useful for those who already have the software, there will be no further updates.

The more I use Logos, the better I like it, and I’m just barely scratching the surface. You can check it out for free at http://www.logos.com, but you can continue to upgrade with a vast array of resources, all integrated to simplify and quicken your research and writing.

The slide above popped up when I searched for resources on Acts 2:38.

I was asked earlier this week to teach an adult Sunday school class this next Sunday, and my preparation time was minmized by Logos, resulting in the handout I plan to use. I posted the handout here on WordPress last night.