Writing UPCI Literature

I don’t know how many lessons I have written for Sunday school literature published by the United Pentecostal Church International. Some years ago, I estimated the number to be about 150. I have continued to write since then.

My first experience was in 1968, when I was asked to write the entire manual of thirteen lessons on the Junior High level. In 1969 I was invited to serve as the editor for the Junior High level literature of the new Word Aflame curriculum. I have continued to write through the years, with the exception of some of the time I was enrolled in seminary. At that time I had so much reading and writing to do in addition to my responsibilities as a Bible college administrator and teacher that I did not write much Sunday school literature. I did, however, publish some books during this time.

In retrospect, I wish I had kept a record of lessons written and a copy of each lesson. But much of that time was in the days before personal computers, which could have made it easier to keep permanent records.

So, here I am on the verge of retirement, and I am still writing. I am keeping digital copies now and have been for many years. In addition, I have decided to post notices on this blog when I complete writing projects, with a brief summary of the project.

In that spirit, I will now point out that I am in the process of writing four lessons for Word Aflame that will be published during the Winter 2019-20 quarter. The quarter explores themes in Hebrews, I and II Peter, and Jude. I have written verse by verse commentaries on each of these books. These commentaries are published by Word Aflame Press and are available at http://www.pentecostalpublishing.com. Some can be purchased on http://www.amazon.com and as iBook downloads.

I have recently submitted the first two lessons, titled “The Better Plan [lesson 1]” and “The Better High Priest [lesson 2].” I am currently working on “The Better Sacrifice [lesson three]”.