Bits and Pieces ….

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As I mentioned in my post on February 15, 2023, I had the opportunity on February 26, 2023 to present a lecture on The Messiah in the Psalms to interested members of the general board of the United Pentecostal Church International. I posted a PowerPoint presentation including 135 slides to be sure all the information I wanted to share would be available to attendees. I’m leaving that presentation on my blog so anyone can make use of it.

Just as a point of interest, I noticed those who viewed my blog that day included people from the United States of America, Poland, Canada, India, Ghana, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Jamaica. Not only did viewers search the blog’s archives, they also looked specifically at posts titled “The Messiah in the Psalms,” “The Holy Spirit in the Book of Romans,” “A Response to Calvin Beisner’s Explanation of Acts 2:38,” “Daily Wisdom 234: Proverbs 11:17,” “Another Look at ‘Delivering Up the Kingdom,’ “The Day I Wore My Suspenders to School,” “The Spirit of the Lord in the Minor Prophets,” and “The Encyclopedia Brittanica and Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

Concerning Asbury University and my book Andrew D. Urshan: A Theological Biography. Most readers of this blog probably have some level of awareness of the recent move of the Holy Spirit at Asbury University. I am thankful for the Spirit’s work wherever, whenever, and however it occurs. When we first heard what was going on in Wilmore, Kentucky, my wife Susan reminded me that there was a connection between Asbury and my book about Andrew D. Urshan. The connection is that the book is published by Emeth Press, a publisher of academic books. The book is included in the series known as The Asbury Theological Seminary Series in World Christian Revitalization Movements. “Emeth” is a Hebrew word. Its range of meaning includes firmness, trustworthiness, constancy, duration, faithfulness, and truth. If you are interested in checking out information about my book, you can do so at The book is available also at and