Back to school ….

Last week I spent two and one-half days online in training with Morris Proctor’s Camp Logos 10. If this doesn’t ring a bell with you, I would like to tell you a bit about it. From time to time, I am asked what I think is the most helpful Bible software available.

My opinion is based on many years of use in the context of teaching on the Bible college and seminary levels as well as research and writing to fulfill the requirements for the degrees M.A. in Exegetical Theology, Master of Theology, and Ph.D. in Renewal Studies with majors in Christian Theology and History of Global Christianity.

In addition to using Bible software in preparation for teaching in classrooms, local churches, camp meetings, and other venues like Purpose Institute, I find it helpful in fulfilling writing assignments for the Pentecostal Life magazine, “God’s Word for Life,” the curriculum published by the United Pentecostal Church International, and a variety of other ministry opportunities that require writing. I have written twenty-one books.

So what Bible software do I recommend?

Without question, it is Logos Bible Software.

The reason I sat through last week’s training was to get caught up with the features of the latest version of Logos Bible Software, Logos 10.

I can’t begin to explain the details of this truly amazing technology here.

Here’s a link you can use to check out some aspects of Logos 10.