A big discovery!

From time to time, people ask if my books are available in audio format. I have regretfully told them they were not, except for Reading Between the Lines, which was released in print, e-book, Kindle, Apple Book, and CD formats. But this was at the end of the usefulness of CD technology for audiobooks.

But today, I discovered that my newest book, The Holy Spirit: A Commentary, is available in the audiobook format from Apple Books! All you need to do is tap on the Apple Book icon on your iPhone, iPad, or wherever you access the app. At the bottom of the screen, tap  on “Audiobooks.” Then, tap on “search,” enter “Daniel Segraves,” and the book will come up. If you wish, you can tap on “Preview” to hear a portion of the book before you decide to purchase it.

I’m thankful the book has been made available in this way from the Pentecostal Publishing House.