Two new books available on Amazon Kindle!

Theme from a Letter to RomeInsights for Christian Living

I am delighted to report that two more of my books are now available on Amazon Kindle: Themes from a Letter to Rome and Insights for Christian Living.

A few months ago, I discovered that not all of my books were available on Kindle. This included Themes from a Letter to Rome, Insights for Christian Living, Second Peter and Jude and The Messiah in the Psalms: Discovering Christ in Unexpected Places.

I mentioned this to Robin Johnston, editor in chief for the United Pentecostal Church International, and I am happy to report that the first two of these are now available for the Kindle reader. The last two should also be available somewhere around the end of January.

Themes from a Letter to Rome: The Story Behind the Book

I have written two books on Paul’s letter to the church at Rome. The first is a verse by verse commentary, which is available  in print and as an ebook ( and as Kindle and iBook downloads. The title of this book is Living by Faith: A Verse by Verse Study of Romans.

I have taught through the book of Romans more than thirty times, as a pastor, at Christian Life College and at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. One of those times, I wrote the commentary as I taught the class.

After finishing the commentary, I submitted it to the Pentecostal Publishing House for consideration. PPH had already published a verse by verse commentary on Romans, so it was suggested that I revise the book into a thematic approach. This I did, and PPH published it as Themes from a Letter to Rome. After the Preface, its 269 pages include seven chapters, each discussing all references in the book of Romans in the following order:

  1. Righteousness and Justification: Imputing Right Standing to the Believer’s Account
  2. Law: Leading Israel to the Messiah
  3. Grace: Extending the Free Gift of God
  4. Faith: Trusting God to be God
  5. Holiness: Separating unto God and from Sin
  6. Jews: Showing the Favor of God to His National People
  7. Gentiles: Showing the Favor of God to All People

Insights for Christian Living: The Story Behind the Book

The material in this book was written from a pastor’s perspective over a period of seven years. You might say it is practical theology. A grasp of the content of this book will help believers become firmly rooted in their Christian experience.

The book is 168 pages long and contains eighteen chapters dealing with subjects like the importance of thinking right, developing Christian character qualities, successful spiritual warfare, Bible study, the nature of the church, of forgiveness, prosperity and success, church growth, the Christian’s civic duty, Christian education, prophecy, and assorted other topics relevant to Christian growth. The final chapter will be of particular interest to preachers.

Insights for Christian Living was out of print for several years. Then one day, as Susan and I were driving, I received a call on my cell phone from a Christian I did not know. She had read the book and was enthusiastic in her conviction that it needed to be back in print. I suggested she call Brother Johnston to share her thoughts. The book came back into print and is now, for the first time, available on Amazon Kindle and also as an ebook from PPH, who also offers it as a paperback.

I hope these books are a blessing to all who read them.[archive]