A return to the classroom

Yesterday I enjoyed the opportunity to teach a class at Urshan College. Jerry Jones, Assistant Professor of Theological and Pastoral Studies and Christian Ministry Program Director, invited me to teach on the subject of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. I appreciated the opportunity to introduce insights from my newest book, The Holy Spirit: A Commentary, which is available at pentecostalpublishing.com, Amazon, and as an Apple Book.

Most of the students were sophomores, so they were about five or six years old when Judy and I moved back from California to the St. Louis area in 2007. I had taught the father of at least one of them at Christian Life College!

This reminds me of something Mary Lou Myrick said to me during my twenty-five years at CLC. She taught at Christian Life College for fifty years and said she had learned to be nice to students because they could someday be your boss!

Something like this happened to me. Jennie Jackson was a first-year student at CLC in 1982, my first year there as a teacher. After I returned to St. Louis and started working at Urshan, Jennie became the vice-president of Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology.

My student had become my boss, and she serves with excellence in that role.