Bringing back memories …

This morning, it was my joy to be back on the Urshan Graduate School of Theology campus to teach on the subject of my current research and writing, the Holy Spirit. Dr. David Norris invited me to give a lecture on Apostolic Pneumatology for his Systematic Theology class and to return on March 13 to speak further on the gifts of the Spirit.

I was delighted to see the students’ keen interest and their readiness to participate in the class.

Next Wednesday, I will also be on campus to speak on this subject to an Urshan College class taught by Professor Jerry Jones, who served the United Pentecostal Church International for many years as general secretary. Brother Jones is a graduate of UGST and is now Assistant Professor of Theological and Pastoral Studies/ Christian Ministries Program Director at Urshan College.

I appreciate the invitations extended to me by Brothers Norris and Jones.[archive]