Our study of the Holy Spirit continues …

This morning Pastor Mitchell Bland of The Sanctuary UPC in Hazelwood, Missouri asked if I would be interested in continuing our study of the Holy Spirit through the month of August. I am happy to do this, so we will pick up in the Book of Acts and continue as time allows, examining the references to the Holy Spirit through the rest of the New Testament.

We will begin next Sunday, August 4, by taking another look at the work of the Spirit in Acts that we have not yet talked about. This will include the role of the Spirit in resolving the tension between the Greek-speaking Jewish widows who had migrated to Jerusalem and the local Jewish widows who did not speak their language.

We will talk about the Spirit’s role in Philip’s ministry after Samaria, the radical transformation in Saul’s life, Barnabas, Agabus, the first church council, how the Spirit prohibited Paul from preaching, the role of the Spirit in raising up overseers in the church, and how Isaiah prophesied about the rejection of Jesus by first century Jews.

I look forward to continuing this study with you, and I plan also to follow our previous practice of posting study guides and videos related to these classes.[archive]