Daily Wisdom 93: Proverbs 5:9-11

Proverbs 5:9–11 (NKJV) — 9 Lest you give your honor to others, And your years to the cruel one; 10 Lest aliens be filled with your wealth, And your labors go to the house of a foreigner; 11 And you mourn at last, When your flesh and your body are consumed,

The consequences of moral impurity. Those who are tempted with moral impurity may find it helpful to write these six consequences on a card and carry it with them. When they are tempted, they can review these results of yielding to temptation: (1) loss of honor, reputation, respectability, and dignity; (2) shortened life, and trouble while alive; (3) loss of wealth to others; (4) loss of the fruits of labor to others; (5) sorrow; and (6) physical disease.