A rainy day in Paris . . .

I asked our concierge if she could stop the rain. She could not, but she made some recommendations and loaned us an umbrella.

Our first stop was two right turns from our hotel, where we savored authentic French onion soup, a salad featuring crisp and carefully stacked green beans, and the view from the second floor dining room [the French refer to it as the first floor; what we call the first floor is to them the “0” floor or l’etage] of Le Castiglioni on Rue Saint-Honoré.

When we left this delightful place, the rain had stopped. We walked along Rue de Rivoli, stopping at small shop where Susan discovered some attractive scarves to add to her collection.

On our way back to our hotel, we purchased some chocolate delicacies at Edwart’s, a chocolatier recommended by our concierge.

Then we arrived at Angelina’s of Paris, another establishment we learned of from our concierge, and joined the long line of those waiting to imbibe in the world famous – or at least that’s what they claim – hot chocolate from the African continent. It lived up to its reputation, so pudding like that the spoon nearly stands up in the cup. When we left Angelina’s, the line seemed as long as it was when we entered.

I wondered about the veracity of this sign, but after sticking my head into the shop, I might be able to be convinced.

We are back in our room, preparing for tomorrow’s departure. We have loved France, but Dogwood Meadow Court beckons, with its hummingbirds, bright red cardinals, geese, and occasional deer.

Bon soir!