Draw Me Nearer: A good theme for 2022

Now that I am retired, I enjoy the opportunity to take a few steps from my home office to what we sometimes call our “music room” or “piano room.” When I am in the office, I am often working on writing projects. At the piano, I usually take a few moments to play whatever comes to mind. When Susan hears me playing, she may come into the room with her iPhone or iPad to record what I’m doing. Often, she posts the song on Facebook or Instagram.

Last evening, during the extremely cold weather here in the Midwest, I sat down to play “Draw Me Nearer,” written in 1875 by Fanny Crosby. It is always interesting to read the thoughts of those who listen. Today, some have said it has been a long time since they heard the song and that they would like to hear more like it. One person said she has been singing it and her husband has been humming it since Susan posted it.

I have no complaints about our current worship music. The Holy Spirit moves among us as we worship our Lord in spirit and truth. As it has been pointed out, however, some of our favorite songs will always be those that were in vogue when we first came to the Lord.

I don’t spend a long time practicing these songs, and my versions are usually quite short. One reason for this is that I may be in the middle of a writing project with a looming deadline. I’m happy if you enjoy them.