Talking with the Hyphens

Last Wednesday night, I had the privilege of talking with the Hyphens, and I plan to do so again tomorrow night. Who are the Hyphens? They are the 18-30 year old youth of the United Pentecostal Church International. You can read about them at

These are amazing young people. They have a heart for God, a passion about being involved in His work, and a desire to learn how to discover their gifts and put them to work to build God’s kingdom. Those to whom I spoke are based at The Sanctuary UPC in Hazelwood, Missouri, where Mitchell Bland is pastor.

My mission with the Hyphens is to talk, by request, about spiritual gifts. That’s why I posted the brief video of an excerpt of my talk last week. The video would have been longer, but my iPhone decided it had done enough not long after I started. That’s also why I posted “A Parable about Gifts” yesterday. I plan to use it when I’m with the Hyphens again tomorrow night.

I also plan to post the entire video of tomorrow night’s session; it should be about one hour on spiritual gifts. My phone should stay with me, because I visited the Apple Store this week to diagnose the problem.

To access a manual I have written on spiritual gifts, click on “Signs and Wonders [PDF]” in the menu bar.[archive]