Andrew D. Urshan: A Theological Biography

I’m happy to report that my new book, Andrew D. Urshan: A Theological Biography, which was about eight or nine years in the research and writing, is now available at The book is 326 pages long, with two indexes and a bibliography of almost thirty pages.

This project is a revision of my Ph.D. dissertation (Regent University School of Divinity, 2011). I was grateful that my dissertation committee, which consisted of Dale Coulter, Vinson Synan and David Reed, granted “pass with distinction” to the dissertation defense.

Here is a copy of the table of contents:

Foreword / ix

Acknowledgments / xi

Chapter 1: Introduction / 1

Part 1: Life and History of Andrew D. Urshan

Chapter 2: Early Years in Persia / 7

Chapter 3: Early Years in the United States / 19

Chapter 4: Return to Persia / 57

Chapter 5: Return to the United States / 85

Part 2: Theology, Christology, and Soteriology of Andrew D. Urshan

Chapter 6: Theological Influences / 139

Chapter 7: The Mystery of the Godhead / 161

Chapter 8: Doctrine of Salvation / 217

Chapter 9: Responses to Theological Criticism / 229

Chapter 10: Conclusion / 237

Appendix / 245

Bibliography / 271

General Index / 301

Scripture Index / 311

The book is part of The Asbury Theological Seminary Series in World Christian Revitalization Movements. It is published by Emeth Press.

The back cover features endorsements by Vinson Synan, David K. Bernard, and Amos Yong. There are two forewords, one written by D. William Faupel and the other by David A. Reed.