A decision on the Apostolic pneumatology project

Today I worked on a chapter titled “The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.” With close to 100 references to the Holy Spirit in the OT, I had to decide how to arrange my work.

The Spirit is referred to in the OT in a variety of ways: The Spirit of God, the Spirit of the LORD, My Spirit, His Spirit, the Spirit, Holy Spirit and so forth.

Should I simply start with the first reference and go straight through to the last, regardless of the description?Should I first examine each occurrence with the same description? Should I arrange the study topically?

I decided to use an approach I have used when teaching Old Testament Foundations. We will work through the OT books in canonical order, as they are arranged in the Hebrew Scriptures, rather than in the order they appear in, in English translations, which follow the Septuagint order. I enjoy studying the OT in this way, and it is an order Jesus twice endorsed.

The order of the OT books in the Hebrew Scriptures is seen in the visual above.