Looking Forward Now Available on 3 apps: iBook, Kindle, Nook, and other news

My newest book, Looking Forward: A Clear View of Biblical Prophecy, is now available as an iBook and on the Kindle and Nook apps.

I’ve checked, and all of the following books I have written are available on these apps:

  • If God Loves Me, Why Am I Hurting?
  • Reading Between the Lines: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament
  • God in Flesh
  • Hebrews: Better Things
  • Living by Faith: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Romans
  • Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World
  • First Peter: Standing Fast in the Grace of God
  • James: Faith at Work
  • The Messiah’s Name: JESUS, Not Yahshua
  • You Can Understand the Bible

Here is a list of other books I have written that are not yet available as ebooks. They can be purchased at http://www.pentecostalpublishing.com:

  • The Messiah in the Psalms: Discovering Christ in Unexpected Places
  • Second Peter and Jude
  • Themes from a Letter to Rome
  • Hair Length in the Bible
  • That Which is Perfect [This is a PDF of my M.A. in Exegetical Theology thesis]

The following book is available as a PDF only at http://www.pentecostalpublishing.com:

  • Insight for Christian Living

My book Andrew D. Urshan: A Theological Biography has been out only a few weeks. It is a revision of my PhD dissertation and is available at http://www.pentecostalpublishing.com and Amazon.com. It will not be available as an ebook. It exceeds 300 pages and is a careful examination of Urshan’s life and theology. Urshan is considered one of the four most influential shapers of Oneness Pentecostalism, and as someone who was born and raised in Persia (now Iran), the only one of the four who contributed Eastern insights.