Last Things

A bit before 9 a.m. today, I submitted a chapter titled “Last Things,” written by request for a new project under development by the Pentecostal Publishing House. The project is titled “Elements: Building Blocks of a Spiritual Life,” and it is designed to be used in discipling new members of the church. It is hoped that this resource will be published by the time of the 2019 General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International.

My part of this work addresses prophecy fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, as well as the rapture of the church, the Second Coming of Jesus, the Millennium, the Final Judgment, and what follows for believers. As is characteristic for the entire project, it is written in such a way as to communicate with those who are new to the Holy Bible and Apostolic faith.

It is my privilege to participate in projects like this. One of the most powerful and enduring ways to proclaim the gospel message is by means of the written word.

That is why we have the Scriptures![archive]