Logos Bible Software 8

For quite a few years I have used BibleWorks software as my primary resource in the original languages. I had four semesters of Koine Greek and three semesters of Hebrew, and BibleWorks is an excellent software to quickly search not only in translations but in the original languages themselves. BW also made use of some of the best language tools like lexicons and grammars.

But BibleWorks has closed its doors, so to speak. Those who have the software can continue to use it, as I will. But there will be no further updates or support.

Someone recently asked what software I recommend. I’ve been using Logos Bible Software for some time, and I highly recommend it. It includes the language component but goes far beyond that to integrate a wide variety of research tools. I’m finding it quite helpful in my writing.

You can check it out by downloading the free version at logosbiblesoftware.com. If you like it, you can upgrade to whatever components you wish.