A word of wisdom from one doctor to another

Dr. Robbie Crawford posted the following experience on Facebook. This will be worth your while to read.

I went to a doctor appointment yesterday. We got to talking and he told me he used to be a praise and worship leader and musician in the church but he got bitter at God and left years ago.

At my prompting he told me he was bitter for two reasons:

1. He saw poor people struggling and the pastor was living in a nice home.

2. He got sick for a while and when he tried to come back, he felt he was discarded by the church that he worked in.

I said, “You are a doctor, right? Do you ever have patients that have less money than you? Do you still allow them to pay you? Do you require it? (Yes, of course).

“First of all, no one makes people in the church give anything. It is voluntary. They do it because the Bible says to do it and because of their gratitude to God. Secondly, pastoring is the only profession where people despise you if you work hard and you are successful at building a church and making a living. The doctor, lawyer, grocery man, car wash guy…anyone else can drive a nice car or have a nice house and people applaud them for doing so well in their work. Not a pastor! Pastors can’t even go on vacation without getting criticized.”

Then I told him that if he belongs to God, and an opportunity doesn’t work out, it’s God closing the door. No human can keep him from fulfilling his purpose if he trusts in God. No one is that powerful. A disappointment is only a divine diversion of his path to point him in a different way that God is leading him.

He thanked me and said he wish he’d talked to me 15 years ago! Lol As I was leaving he said, “I just might start back to church and see if I can get back into ministry again. I’ve been gone too long.”

I would say, that was not a chance meeting!!! Just one doctor sent by God to another doctor to tell him that God wants him back.