“My Spirit” in the Book of the Twelve: Apostolic Pneumatology

Zechariah 6_1_7

Today I finished my examination of the uses of the term “My Spirit” in the Book of the Twelve. This included references in Joel, Haggai, and Zechariah.

A study of the connections between Joel and Peter’s use of Joel 2:28-29 on the Day of Pentecost is always fruitful, but a close reading of Acts 1-2 with Joel reveals both that Peter had more in mind than just these two verses from Joel and that Luke, who wrote Acts, also linked the events of the first two chapters of Acts with prophecies in Joel. Peter’s Pentecostal sermon included not just direct quotes from Joel, but also verbal links and allusions, including what we read in Acts 2:38-39.

In Haggai, the LORD compares His presence with His people to His presence with them during the Exodus, once again showing His self-identification as the Spirit.

In Zechariah, two poles of the Spirit’s work are revealed: constructive, in the building of the Second Temple; destructive, in the judgment brought about by the captivity of Israel.

Only nineteen references to the Spirit remain in the Latter Prophets. Some are simply under the descriptor “the Spirit” and the remainder “His Spirit.”

As a reminder, I am in the process of writing a book on Apostolic Pneumatology, which I hope will serve the purpose of filling a gap in our literature. On my blog, I am posting brief summaries of my studies. These observations will be fully fleshed out when the book is published.