Strolling around Paris . . .

Someone suggested we should not limit our adventures in Paris to well known tourist vistas. We are visiting typical tourist sites, but we are also exploring by simply strolling along. What a delightful experience!

A little shop named for my hometown . . . St. Louis, MO. I was born there in 1946.

Exploring a book display filled with small volumes all subtitled something like “A Short Introduction to . . . .” Each is about 100 pages long. I am looking at one titled “A Short Introduction to Miracles.” The bibliography includes a book on miracles written by Graham Twelftree, an Australian scholar who was one of my professors in my Ph.D. Program. The display gave me the idea to write short books on topics relevant to biblical studies. Who knows? Now that I’m retired . . .

An eye level plaque commemorating the commitment of the United States to the revitalization of Western Europe after World War II. The U.S. investment would have equaled $200 billions in 2016.

We rounded the corner and there they were! Napoleon’s Egyptian obelisk he brought back to Paris after his July 21, 1798 victory in Egypt, during which he destroyed nearly the entire Egyptian army. Josephine had asked him to bring home “a small obelisk.” This one is covered with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

And then, the Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 World’s Fair. Susan and I plan to ascend to the top of the tower tonight after a dinner cruise on the Seine River.

Should I, or shouldn’t I? Bicycling is a common form of transportation around Paris, along with scooters, motorbikes, tiny cars and feet. I’ll go with the feet.

Maxim’s. I’ve heard of it, but that’s all I know. It’s on the wrong side of the street!