New Book: Looking Forward

Looking Forward cvr (1)

My newest book, Looking Forward: A Clear View of Biblical Prophecy, is now available as a Kindle download from

The book has thirteen chapters, as follows:

Chapter 1: There is a Lot of Prophecy in the Bible

Chapter 2: Finding Fulfillment

Chapter 3: Telling Time

Chapter 4: The Ultimate Fulfillment

Chapter 5: Now and Not Yet

Chapter 6: Always Watching

Chapter 7: The Back of the Book

Chapter 8: Signs, Symbols, and Solutions

Chapter 9: Justice, Judgment, and Eternal Rewards

Chapter 10: Rediscovery of Prophetic Truth

Chapter 11: Here Comes the Bride

Chapter 12: Retaining Historic Doctrines

Chapter 13: Perilous Times

The hard copy will be available beginning September 25, 2017 at, but you can place it on back order now.