Third Lesson in a Series of Four

I have just completed and submitted the third lesson in a series of four to Word Aflame Publications, the Sunday school literature published by the United Pentecostal Church International.

These lessons are written on the adult level and deal with selected themes from the book of Hebrews. This third lesson is titled “The Better Sacrifice.” The Scripture text is Hebrews 9:11-28; 10:1-39; John 1:29. The lesson concludes with a treatment of Hebrews 10:26-29, a text that troubles many.

These lessons will be available for the Winter 2019-20 quarter. In the meantime, my book titled Hebrews: Better Things, a verse-by-verse commentary on the entire book, is available both in hard copy and ebook format at, and as an iBook.

I appreciate the following reviews on

[5 stars] A must read for Oneness Pentecostals

By Jonathan on January 28, 2014

This is a must read for every minister! I would recommend this book to all oneness Pentecostals and Apostolics. The author gives us a very readable commentary on a part of scripture that many may not take the time to understand. Now you are without excuse.

The foundational understanding and interpretations of the Old Testament are essentials to understanding the new covenant that Jesus Christ brings to us. However to return to the old covenant would be death itself.

If you have questions with the old covenant, the mosaic law, the superiority of Christ, the keeping of the sabbath, the incarnation, Old Testament animal sacrifices, faith, etc., etc., you will be glad you have found this resource.

Every subject of Hebrews is dealt with in an academic manner but maintains a style of communication that can be easily understood by those not versed in theological vernacular.

[5 stars] Hebrews with Stadium Lighting

By Loren J. Brown on August 10, 2016

Of the New Testament epistles, the book of Hebrews is unique. Dr. Segraves does an excellent job of shedding light and weaving its message into a colorful tapestry that brings the burden of the author of Hebrews into sharper focus. It is definitely a “better” resource on Hebrews! (Gratuitous pun intended)


Writing UPCI Literature

I don’t know how many lessons I have written for Sunday school literature published by the United Pentecostal Church International. Some years ago, I estimated the number to be about 150. I have continued to write since then.

My first experience was in 1968, when I was asked to write the entire manual of thirteen lessons on the Junior High level. In 1969 I was invited to serve as the editor for the Junior High level literature of the new Word Aflame curriculum. I have continued to write through the years, with the exception of some of the time I was enrolled in seminary. At that time I had so much reading and writing to do in addition to my responsibilities as a Bible college administrator and teacher that I did not write much Sunday school literature. I did, however, publish some books during this time.

In retrospect, I wish I had kept a record of lessons written and a copy of each lesson. But much of that time was in the days before personal computers, which could have made it easier to keep permanent records.

So, here I am on the verge of retirement, and I am still writing. I am keeping digital copies now and have been for many years. In addition, I have decided to post notices on this blog when I complete writing projects, with a brief summary of the project.

In that spirit, I will now point out that I am in the process of writing four lessons for Word Aflame that will be published during the Winter 2019-20 quarter. The quarter explores themes in Hebrews, I and II Peter, and Jude. I have written verse by verse commentaries on each of these books. These commentaries are published by Word Aflame Press and are available at Some can be purchased on and as iBook downloads.

I have recently submitted the first two lessons, titled “The Better Plan [lesson 1]” and “The Better High Priest [lesson 2].” I am currently working on “The Better Sacrifice [lesson three]”.