The Spirit of the LORD in Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Micah: Apostolic Pneumatology

Saint John the Baptist and the Pharisees Mark 1_3

I have completed an examination of all references to the Spirit of the LORD in Isaiah, Ezekiel and Micah. There is one reference to the Spirit of God in Ezekiel.

Here is some of what I’ve seen in this section of the Latter Prophets:

The terms “the Spirit of the Lord” and “the Spirit of God” are used as synonyms. They reinforce the observation that it is not unusual for the coming of the Spirit to result in supernatural vocalization. They demonstrate again that Scripture draws no sharp distinction between the LORD and the Spirit of the LORD.

Several texts offer insight about the coming Messiah. What is sometimes called the “seven-fold” Spirit rests upon Him. The forerunning ministry of John the Baptist is anticipated. Jesus Himself quotes from Scriptures and announces that they are fulfilled by Him.

The Spirit of the Lord has a destructive influence on those who reject Him and provides defense against the enemies of His people. In an interesting statement of the Lord’s care for His entire creation, we discover that the Spirit gives rest to animals and leadership to His people.

Next, I will study the twelve uses of the term “My Spirit” in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Haggai, and Zechariah. We will see some interesting comparisons between Joel, identified by some scholars as the “anchor” of the Book of the Twelve (i.e, Minor Prophets), and Acts 2.