Today’s report on the Apostolic pneumatology project.

Here’s where we are as of today: I’ve written the introduction, which explains the biblical theology approach the book will take. This is in contrast, to a certain extent, to a systematic theology treatment.

I have written a chapter exploring evidence for a Spirit designed literary shape to the entire Bible and to the Pentateuch. This involves the appearance of the Spirit at the beginning and end of both.

Today, I completed a chapter on the deity of the Spirit, which included an exploration of the use of the word LORD by Jesus and others in the New Testament to establish His identity as YAHWEH. This chapter also examined the use of the Shema in the NT and how that influences the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

The plan for tomorrow is to begin a chapter titled “The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.” It is my intention to consider every reference to the Spirit in that portion of Scripture.

I would appreciate your prayers as I work on this important project.