Celebrating Our Ninth Anniversary!

Yesterday Susan and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. On June 13, 2013, God answered my prayer and informed me that Susan Fuller was the person I could invite to go with me to the Ambassadors of Harmony concert who would accept my invitation and enjoy the event. The concert was scheduled for Saturday evening, June 15, 2013.

Not only did we both enjoy the music, but when I asked her nine days later, “Will you marry me,” she answered, “Yes, I will!” One of our friends who was also at the concert, P. D. Buford, predicted we would marry before the General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International that Fall.

He was right!

Our story has been published in the Pentecostal Herald, now known as Pentecostal Life, in a book by Norma Clanton titled Letters from Friends, which consists of stories of the loss of spouses and later expanded with an introduction by Scott Graham as A Light in Darkness: Stories of Grief and Loss. This edition of the book includes accounts not only of the loss of spouses but also parents and children.

The story of our marriage has also been published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Therefore, I will not tell it again here.

In celebration, we spent the evening at the Seven Gables Inn, located in Clayton, Missouri, a historic hotel built in 1926 and restored in 2020.

Today is the first day of our tenth year of marriage, and on October 3 we will be on our way to our next general conference!

Susan struggles a bit to get the ring on Daniel’s finger!