First highlight … first note.


On May 16, 2019, I posted “One of my greatest regrets,” musings about my grandfather Segraves’ “nuts and bolts” Bible. I shared my desire to obtain a wide margin Bible in order to copy my hand written notes from the Bible I have been using since 1999. In this way, my comments on specific verses will be available to my descendants.

I should mention that my comments on Psalms, Proverbs, Hebrews, James, I and II Peter and Jude are already preserved in the Apostolic Study Bible, along with the articles on the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit. I had the privilege of participating in the Apostolic Study Bible as one of the contributors.

But, like many preachers, teachers, and readers of Scripture, I have a wide range of notations in my Bible, preserving thoughts that occur to me and the results of biblical research.

I was surprised by the response to my post, which apparently rang a bell for many who see the value of preserving their biblical notes for future generations.

Today, I highlighted my first word in my new Bible and made my first notation. I started at the beginning of both testaments, in Genesis 2:4 and Matthew 1:1. I did this because these two texts resonate with one another, both signalling a new era. Don’t worry, I do not plan to post pictures and comments about every entry I will make in my new Bible!

These two verses are significant, though, because they both use the same wording. In the Greek translation of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint or LXX, Genesis 2:4 reads, in part, ἡ βίβλος γενέσεως οὐρανοῦ καὶ γῆς (the book of the generation of heaven and earth). The Greek text of Matthew 1:1 reads, in part, Βίβλος γενέσεως Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ.

Genesis is a book (βίβλος) about the generation or history (γενέσεως) of the heavens and the earth. Matthew is a book (βίβλος) about the generation, history, or genealogy (γενέσεως) of Jesus Christ. Both books stand at the head of their section of Scripture. The Old Testament is the first and foundational word. The New Testament is the final and ultimate word, fulfilling the prophetic Hebrew Scriptures by its focus on Jesus Christ.[archive]