Making it easier to find my books.

From time to time, people ask how to locate and purchase my books. In response, I have written two posts on this blog, both titled “How to Buy Books I Have written.” These posts include instructions on how to find and buy my books at,, and as iBooks.

I have just recently discovered an easier and quicker way to find and purchase my books on the Pentecostal Publishing House website.

Go to On the home page, look in the upper left corner immediately under “Categories.” You will see “Best Sellers.” Click on this, and a list of authors will come up. Click on “Daniel L. Segraves,” and you will see all my books.

This works on computers and tablets like the iPad, but it does not seem to work on smart phones like the iPhone. You can, of course, purchase my books on smart phones, but you will apparently need to use the search window.

We plan to add another book to this list before General Conference 2019. My latest manuscript, The Holy Spirit: An Apostolic Perspective on Pneumatology, is currently being edited, with the goal of having it printed and available at the upcoming conference.

The manuscript is 275 pages long, with 228 endnotes and forty-three chapters. It was my intention to address every verse in the Bible that mentions the Spirit, and I hope I’ve accomplished that goal.[archive]