The Spirit of the LORD in Isaiah: Apostolic Pneumatology

Isaiah scroll from Qumran library

I have finished examining the six references to “the Spirit of the LORD” in Isaiah. Of these six, three are prophecies of the coming Messiah.

I will next examine the references to “the Spirit of the LORD” in Ezekiel and Micah and the one reference to “the Spirit of God” in Ezekiel.

The books we are studying now are all included in the Latter Prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Jeremiah is part of this section, but the only time the word “spirit” appears in Jeremiah is in a reference to the “spirit of the kings of the Medes” (Jeremiah 51:11).

By the way,  the scroll above is “[t]he earliest known complete scroll of the Book of Isaiah found among the library of the Qumran community.” It is included in the Media Resources of Logos Bible Software, which I recommend.