“I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy”

This morning after breakfast I sat down at the piano to play a song written almost 100 years ago. Susan came into the room to record it. What a privilege we have to come into the presence of God to worship Him!

Verse 1

I dreamed I went to that city called glory

So bright and so fair.

When I entered the gate I cried Holy;

The angels all met me there.

They carried me from mansion to mansion

And Oh, the sights I saw.

But I said I want to see Jesus,

The One who died for all.


Then I bowed on my knees and cried Holy, Holy, Holy

I clapped my hands and sang glory,

Glory to the Son of God

Verse 2

I thought when I entered that city,

My loved ones all knew me well.

They showed me all through heaven;

The scenes are too num’rous to tell.

They showed me Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Mark, Luke, and Timothy.

But I said I want to bow down and give praise

To the One who died for me.

Verse 3

I thought when I saw my Savior

Oh, glory to God!

I just fell right down before Him,

Singing praise the name of the Lord.

I bowed down and worshipped Jehovah,

My friend of ‘calvary,

For I wanted to give praise to Jesus

For saving a sinner like me.

Words by Nettie Dudley Washington and music by E. M. Dudley Cantwell (copyright 1923, 1925 by Hill & Range Songs, Inc.).