Sandwiched in, but safe.

At about noon today, as I sat in my car behind a truck, waiting to exit the Hobby Lobby parking lot onto the highway, I was suddenly thrown forward, striking the vehicle in front of me. My car had been slammed from behind by another SUV.

In November 2018, I posted “I thank God for sparing my life,” after falling backward down the steps in our garage, striking the back of my head on the concrete floor.

Today, I thank God again, not only for sparing my life, but also for saving me from injury. I could ask, “Why,” but God alone knows the reason anything happens. We can trust him. If I had not been where I was, experiencing damage to our car as well as a certain amount of disorientation, I could have been involved in something much worse.

Thank You, Lord, for Your watchful care.[archive]