One of my greatest regrets.

My grandfather, L. D. Segraves, was the first preacher in our family. I don’t know how many Bibles he wore out before he departed to be with Christ in June 1959. I was twelve years old.

But I vividly remember Dad showing me one of Grandpa’s Bibles after his passing. It was a Thompson Chain Reference Bible, and Grandpa had used it for so long that the spine was worn and the pages were falling out. Grandpa had drilled three holes into the spine and inserted nuts and bolts to hold it together.

My father went home to be with Jesus on November 5, 2001. As he was being carried from his home on a stretcher, he said to me, “I’ll see you in heaven, son.”

Some time later, I began looking through Dad’s things, looking for Grandpa’s “nuts and bolts” Bible. One of my greatest regrets is that I have not found it. Of course, I’m interested in the unique binding, but I’m most interested in the notes he wrote on its pages. I would like to hear his voice through his words.

The picture above is of the Bible I have been using since August 23, 1999. You can see it is well worn. The spine has separated. Notes are written on its pages. The page to which it is opened is torn.

This is not the first Bible I have used in more than fifty years of ministry. I have others that are also well-worn, marked, and written in.

It occurred to me that at this stage of life, I should purchase a wide margin Bible and transfer my notes into it. It arrived today.

This will take awhile. But someday I will follow my father and grandfather into the presence of our Lord, and I would like my descendants to be able to see where I have marked the Bible and what notes I have made. This is one way to keep speaking for a long time to come.