Invitation to participate in the Pentecostal Publishing House Blog

Eleven days ago I received an invitation to participate in the blog published three times each week by the Pentecostal Publishing House. My contribution to the blog will focus on the books I have written, with 300 words summarizing why I wrote the book, its main points, and what audience might benefit from reading and applying it.

I’m delighted about this opportunity, for I have been thinking recently about completing a similar project for my website. I have written twenty-one books, but it is not unusual to be asked questions already answered in detail in those books.

My books are available at as well as The blog is published at

My plan is for the first blog post to introduce my most recent book, The Holy Spirit: A Commentary. Then I will move back through the earlier books. I hope you enjoy this project!


Daily Wisdom 333: Proverbs 14:35

Proverbs 14:35 (NKJV) — 35 The king’s favor is toward a wise servant, But his wrath is against him who causes shame.

How to gain favor with those in authority. Wisdom gives a person favor with those in authority. Examples are Joseph, Daniel, and his three Hebrew friends (Genesis 41:38-41; Daniel 1:19-20). Those in authority will eventually turn in anger on servants who cause them shame by their unwise actions. An example is King Darius’s treatment of those who deceived him by issuing the decree that resulted in Daniel’s being cast into the den of lions  (Daniel 6:24-28).