Daily Wisdom 15

Wisdom crieth without; She uttereth her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: In the city she uttereth her words, saying” (Proverbs 1:20-21).

Two women are pictured in Proverbs: wisdom and folly. Wisdom does not play hard to get. Even in the streets, where common people jostle, her voice is heard. She is not available only beneath the high-vaulted ceilings of research libraries or in the conclave of scholars. She is available for all.


Wisdom 16

How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? And the scorners delight in their scorning, And fools hate knowledge?” (Proverbs 1:22).

Wisdom asks, “Why stay where you are? Why not grow? Why not learn? Do you plan for the rest of your life to be an aimless repeat of what has gone before? Why not change?”